Dil Lagi Episode 12 Review

This scene concentrated on Sabiha’s track the same amount of as it did on Mohid and Anmol’s. It appears as though there is at long last going to be some advancement in Sabiha’s track. The most essential part of today evening time’s scene was that Anmol uncovered her actual expectations behind “helping” Sabiha. Anmol’s narrow minded purposes behind approaching Sabiha to stand firm for herself and accomplish something against her mom and sibling’s desires were evident in the past scene also yet in this scene she made it entirely clear that she didn’t need Sabiha to be glad, she just needed to see Mohid and his mom enduring. Ironicly Mohid has possessed the capacity to persuade others in Anmol’s home that he just needs to make his marriage work and does not have any desire to play diversions but rather Anmol is the special case who stays unconvinced. Mohid did not succeed in making Anmol admit that she was lying from the beginning however it was unquestionably great to see her inclination irritated and baffled.

Anmol’s mom’s character must be one of my most loved characters in the play. She generally ensures that she tells Anmol why she isn’t right with rationale and reason. The viewers think that its simple to associate with her since she is one of those not very many on-screen moms who don’t need their girls to make their relational unions work since they are terrified of individuals or what they will say. She realizes that her girl is at deficiency and that is the motivation behind why she needs to make her understand that things are not the way she sees them.


The ‘supporting characters’ in this play have certainly been assuming an essential part right from the begin and aside from Sabiha every one of them are exceptionally fascinating. Mohid’s mom has taken a secondary lounge in the wake of understanding that Anmol will never hear her out – fortunately this track isn’t one of those ordinary saas-bahu tracks in which the saas feels that it is her basic purpose for existing is to make her bahu’s life hellfire!! I can’t adulate Dastagir and Imran Ashraf enough; his affection and earnestness for Mohid combined with his astonishing comical inclination makes his character exceptional. He is the kind of companion/sibling/accomplice everybody wishes for and he accompanies an exceptionally charming identity. Imran Ashraf’s acting has been first rate right from the begin. In the event that he had gone over the edge, this character wouldn’t have been as affable as it is currently. Surprisingly today evening time, the viewers got the opportunity to see Mishal and Dastagir having a “typical” discussion and I should say that these two have made-for-each-other thought of all over them!!

Anmol kept on supporting her activities in view of everything that had happened previously. While Mishal and her mom have pardoned, overlooked and proceeded onward, Anmol thinks that its difficult to do as such. The rude awakenings from her mom make her vibe like a casualty – she can’t tell why her mom can’t see that Mohid should be hopeless. These scenes in which Anmol’s mom tries to make her see how wrong she is and Anmol responds by crying or supporting her activities have been composed delightfully and coordinated eminently. Mehwish Hayat is constantly extremely persuading in these scenes in view of which I never have an issue identifying with how Anmol feels, her looks say it all! Anmol hasn’t scrutinized her activities ever even once in this manner she thinks that its difficult to trust that her mom finds every little thing about her activities so off-base.


“Tumhare dil ki murad mei aise kisi sahare ke beghair puri kr du ga.” The scene in which Mohid gets up to get water and each other scene in which Anmol feels disappointed and terrified was clever! I am certain I am not by any means the only one who cherishes Mohid’s freshly discovered certainty. Hamayun Saeed makes you feel for his character and the way that this character is so elegantly composed aides as well! The opening scene at the place of worship was delightfully shot once more, the chief Nadeem Baig benefited as much as possible from this area. “Maaei tu sub ki sanjhi hoti hei” scene once more demonstrated that a decent executive and a decent script can draw out the best in a performer! The on-screen character we as a whole discovered very unremarkable as Asher in Gul-e-Rana figures out how to take the demonstrate each time in this play! Interestingly we saw a man being “charged” of not having the capacity to give his better half kids – now that was something fresh out of the box new which could just have originated from somebody like Sabiha’s mom! Saba Hameed keeps on being perfect in each scene. Asma Abbas figures out how to fit into each part like it was composed for her, she is extremely adaptable and hugely skilled.

This scene of Dil Lagi was amusing; this show has it all, the right sort of feelings and it makes you giggle! It is difficult written work or coordinating a play which is dead genuine and entertaining in the meantime. The feelings of the general population in this show are not a joke but rather the circumstances can be so clever a large portion of the times. Mohid is battling a genuine fight and he needs to win it, Anmol takes her “battles” truly yet their scenes together are constantly clever somehow. Much obliged to you group Dil Lagi for another wonderful scene.

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