Dusri Bivi Episode 9 Review

Overlook me for scrutinizing the undeniable yet where does THAT happen? You know, a various abhorrent aspect regarding this play must be the way that its greatly troublesome (read outlandish) to identify with! That is to say, when does a man hand over his nawaasa to the lady who happens to be his girl’s sautan? I would, shockingly, congratulate him for letting it out emphatically that yes, Aisha has been through a great deal and this circumstance is traumatic for too however this sudden and I would most likely say, HUGE change in his methodology is amazing in light of the fact that would he say he wasn’t reprimanding Aisha for demolishing his little girl’s life a few days ago?

Aisha is not a bechari and I don’t feel a thing for her. There, I said it. I realize that she has been experiencing compelling circumstances and her once perfect, immaculate world kept to Hassan has been smashed however my inquiry was, is and dependably will be: what has she accomplished for herself? Hassan & Farah’s guardians it appears like they all had the permit to pour out their dissatisfactions on her and she just listened to them with this excruciating glare of hers, when it was she who ought to have issued THEM a bit of straight talk!

Saman, you got your wish! I trust you’re content at this point. It appears as though Saman’s fixation on her BHAI was powerful to the point that it blinded Aashi and now, mom dearest is lattu over this little fellow as well! On the off chance that I heard them right, she named him Raahim. Mehmaan tou who hota hai jo janay kay liye ata hai aur yeh tou hamesha meray paas rahayga. What’s more, that is to a greater extent a motivation behind why I have this developing trepidation that they will indicate Biwi No.1 & 2 living joyfully ever after.

Pata nahe chalta kay Aisha khush hai ya udaas. I laud the astute pair (Bhai and Bhabi) for saying it resoundingly in light of the fact that to be exceptionally genuine, I too am dumbfounded regarding WHAT makes Aisha cheerful? At the point when Farah was oblivious, she was anxious kay Hassan adhooray hogaye and now that Farah has recaptured her awareness, she is crying kay stomach muscle Hassan mukammal ho gaye! You know, more than the leads, I truly need Bhai and Bhabi to have their glad completion on the grounds that they definitely merit it.

I simply need this purposeless dramatization to end and I truly trust that the following scene is the second last scene on the grounds that its not in any case increasing much TRPs so what’s the point?

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