I Don’t blame Fawad Khan for what happened at Hum

A year ago the HUM Awards were blurred by debate when Badar Khalil who was there to get an existence accomplishment recompense left her honor on her seat and left the show not long after she got the grant. She conversed with Dawn News even around then and said that she was horrified by the treatment distributed to her on the recompense appear. Clearly she was requested that sit in the secondary lounge in light of the fact that Fawad Khan needed to sit in her place.

Badar Khalil left for Canada not long after this occurrence so nobody ever got an opportunity to ask her what had happened in individual. Likewise, she declared that she was not going to proceed with acting since she was finished with it in the wake of everything that happened at HUM Awards.

Faisal Qureshi welcomed Badar Khalil to her appear. She said that she had excused everybody except and still, at the end of the day she portrayed the occurrence at the end of the day, she said,

I had quite recently gotten my grant and I was sitting in my seat right beside Sultana Siddiqui in the front. She got a call from Fawad Khan, I could hear he was stating that he won’t go to the appear on the off chance that he didn’t get the front seat to sit with her. That is when Sultana Siddiqui requesting that I go sit in the rearward sitting arrangement. My issue with the subject of was that why didn’t she ask Momina Duraid, her little girl in law who was perched on the other side to abandon her seat for Fawad Khan.”


She said that she didn’t point the finger at Fawad Khan,

“It wasn’t Fawad Khan’s shortcoming, it was Sultana Siddiqui’s flaw in light of the fact that as a host she was the one in charge of this choice. When she requesting that I go sit in the back I exited my recompense there and left!! These honors make no difference to me, they are only designs. What truly matters is the appreciation we get when we are welcome to these recompense capacities.”

Badar Khalil said that PTV gave her life accomplishment grant as well and they genuinely gave her the welcome and regard that was fit for somebody who was getting such a grant. She said,

“I can’t be fake, I can’t sugar coat things. Presently the same Sultana Siddiqui who did this to me met me like nothing had happened! I can’t do that. I have given this industry 50 years and I have done everything on the premise of my ability. I have never depended on buttering to get anything in m profession.”

Badar Khalil likewise said that she was leaving for Canada and had no arrangements of returning. She said she needed to show acting there if everything worked out.

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