Ik Nayee Subah (اک نئی صبح) with Farah Saadia on APlus Tv

Ik Nayee Subah (اک نئی صبح) with Farah Saadia on APlus Tv, Farah Saadia who is doing morning show Morning With Farah on Terrestrial channel ATV for more than 9 years is now switching to a new channel. From 1st December 2015 Farah will be hosting the morning show of APlus the satellite entertainment channel of ATV.

ATV and PTV Home are the only two entertainment terrestrial channel in Pakistan. The morning shows of both ATV and PTV Home are quite low in glamour and glitter as compared to the morning shows of satellite channels. Terrestrial channels have a wider reach then satellite channels are even watched in distant remote areas of Pakistan.

It will be interesting to see how Farah handles this switch from a terrestrial channel morning show to a satellite channels morning show.

Ik Nayee Subah

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