Mann Mayal Episode 17 Review

I had a truly extreme time sitting through this scene! I am not sure what was additionally irritating – Jeena acting like a young person or Salahuddin’s fake giggling! Eenie, meenie, minie, mo – truly??? It is dismal, ridiculously miserable viewing an on-screen character who has ruled the TV business for many years settling for characters that have literally nothing to offer. Jeena has huge amounts of time and cash simply like Salahuddin thusly she will do whatever it takes to win him over notwithstanding when he makes it clear that he couldn’t think less about her. Much the same as Salahuddin she couldn’t care less whether the individual she is occupied with even needs her around. Likewise, Jeena’s “strategy” is pretty much as ludicrous as that of Salahuddin. Mannu won’t leave Mikael despite the fact that he doesn’t regard her, Salahuddin can’t get over Mannu and Jeena is focused with Salahuddin! What fun !


Mikael’s folks kicked the bucket in a street mischance in this scene and their child’s response demonstrated that this occurrence did not impact him at all. At any rate Mikael’s mom conceded she was in charge of whatever happened and for transforming Mikael into a ruined reckless individual before she kicked the bucket! Salahuddin was there obviously, much the same as dependably to witness a standout amongst the most essential minutes throughout Mannu’s life!! I have no clue how he generally figures out how to be there right on time and gets the most enthusiastic minutes. Yes, Jamil ensures he passes on all the data with respect to Mannu however and, after its all said and done doesn’t this man have an existence?? He is not even in contact with his folks in light of the fact that Jeena is the person who demonstrated Bia’s little girls pictures to him however he has all the time on the planet for Mannu. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s giggling in this specific scene was by and by exceptionally fake – on the off chance that this truly is the way he snickers then he needs to take a shot at it when he is acting since it sounds constrained.


The way Mannu’s family’s nearness was totally sidelined in this scene was past ridiculous! The father who was once eager to do all that he could to fulfill his girl was superbly fine with the way her better half treated her. The chachi who had the guts to stand firm for her little girl and affirm her power even where it was not required has nothing to say in regards to what she saw? Mannu’s family was there in this scene just as fillers. They have truly no part to play in the story now. On the off chance that they would have been transformed into such insignificant characters then the author shouldn’t have demonstrated the solid family security in Mannu’s home in the initial couple of scenes. Salahuddin felt Mannu’s torment yet her folks didn’t?? Bizarre! Was that child in Mannu’s chachi’s lap the new conceived infant she had couple of weeks back, possibly? I am truly confounded!

In this way, evidently Super Man didn’t tell on Mikael all things considered! In spite of the fact that I think that its difficult to accept lekin theek hai maan lete hei

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