Mera Naam Yousuf Hai Episode 6 Review

Yousuf’s affection story took a genuine turn in today evening time’s scene and it likewise got to be clear that Zulekha does not feel anything for Yousuf, not even sensitivity. Yousuf admitted that he realized that Zulekha did not even like him yet cherishing her was not in his control. Zulekha’s sister’s character gave the lighthearted element which I am certain every one of us required this evening. I must say that her dialogs and her character is ending up being to a great degree intriguing.

Khandan ki naak lrkiyu k dil se kyun juri hoti hai! Everything that Zulkeha said to Imran Mugheez was what my ears were waiting to hear yet clearly Imran Mugheez is in no way like Ali Hamza. The entire family was speedy to judge Zulekha however nobody addressed how wrong they were in getting this young lady wedded to somebody she was not in any case inspired by. Young ladies in our general public get hitched like this consistently yet nobody addresses these organized relational unions which do exclude the assent of the young lady. Zulekha is a young lady on a mission yet like she said she would like to see her dad losing either. She is not doing this on the grounds that she needs to hurt her dad yet she is doing this in light of the fact that she would like to wed somebody she doesn’t care for which sounds exceptionally conceivable. Khala’s sudden change of heart was additionally a fascinating improvement in the story! The dialog ” khala chahey saagi howdy kyun na ho bhanji ke character pe trade off nahi kr skti” was comical. I think the author has addressed a large number of the standards of our general public through these witty and fun dialogs. Numerous dialogs like this one are clever however humorous in the meantime.

Mera Naam Yousuf Hai Episode 6 Review

Yousuf’s dad may be liberal however even he considers Yousuf’s affection for Zulekha franticness. He unquestionably would have preferred it if his child wedded somebody he cherished however in the event that the young lady does not cherish him back and she is getting hitched in a couple of days then he is certainly not going to permit Yousuf to enjoy such dreams. Behroze Sabzwari has dependably been an extremely persuading entertainer hence he had no trouble in depicting the “other side” of Yousuf”s father. He demonstrated that he is truly equipped for reprimanding his child when it is required.

Noor Mohammad is turned out to be a huge wolf in sheep’s clothing. He won’t permit his girl to have a say in her marriage yet he supposes it is OK for him to engage in extramarital relations and even get hitched to somebody furtively. Noor Mohammad appears to be an extremely childish individual who needs things his way.

I am happy that Daa Ji discovered today that Madiha has been conversing with Yousuf and I need to figure out what he does with that data. Madiha would not like to be included in Yousuf’s affection story in any capacity for evident reasons. There wasn’t quite a bit of Madiha in today’s scene however I am truly anticipating seeing a greater amount of her.

This most recent scene moved the story to the following level; Yousuf’s mystery is out thus is Madiha’s. Much the same as all the past scenes of MNYH this one too was coordinated extremely well. I must say that today’s scene had a place with Imran Abbas; he possessed his character consistently. Yousuf may not be a splendid understudy, he does qualify as a “lofer” as well however he is blameless and certifiable. Will Zulekha ever have the capacity to love Yousuf the way he adores her? It appears to be most improbable right now.

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