Mera Yaar Miladay Episode 15 Review

All in all, what happened in this scene? Yeh janna kissi kay leeyay zaroori nahin hai! Haha, how often did Mushq utilize that line on Dabbu. Infrequently Mushq is this solid headed, proactive, hard worker kind of young lady who realizes what she needs and stood firm for Fahd against her dad. And after that there are minutes when she leaves herself to destiny (?), goes into a stupor and consents to wed old men! I am going to discount this young lady as being schizophrenic. Truly, where do I send the bills for all these conclusions ?!

At any rate, Mushq chooses to go to her new companion’s wedding and seems in the nick of time for the rukhsati. Dabbu and Striker are as of now there. I discovered it truly odd how Mushq perceived Dabbu’s voice and when she turns she and Dabbu in a flash perceive each other. Possibly they had run into each other before then however I truly don’t recall when and how. On the other hand possibly since he was the mohalla’s famous gunda, too bad, social laborer, she had known about who he is. Gracious well. Whatever and anyway, they do right away perceive each other and it seemed normal that Dabbu would in a split second glance around for Fahd after seeing Mushq there.


Tailing all the ‘I recognized this present easily’s and ” you look in your heart and you will see this’ – I mean, truly what are words for. The main expressions I perceive are a glare and a grin! Mushq is back in her daze like ‘Bebo ma’am has done a great deal for me so I should lay my neck down for her’ state. I have said it before and will rehash myself here when I say if there was to be no listening stealthily in our shows, a large portion of the stories could never advance. Mushq advantageously catches Bebo conversing with baray saeen (man, what a character he is!) and understands her actual goals. Switch over to her ‘other identity’ and Mushq dashes out of the house. Where? No thought. With Orya and Bebo out in quest for her and our own particular desi Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson additionally searching for her, fortunately Mushq runs over them. And after that change back to the “principal” identity and she declines to run with Dabbu! That is to say, hi! She is “getting away” from Bebo, in a town obscure to her, amidst the night – yet declines to leave with Dabbu. So happy he figures out how to talk sense into her and she gets into their auto.

Along these lines, Mushq is taken back to her dad’s home who minces no words in making it clear he doesn’t need anything to do with her. Appears like Mushq will wind up being with Dabbu now. Mushq strays to Zeba’s home. To do what, truly? Zeba’s life, we see is the same. Baji brimming with venom and sharpness and Niyaz being ultra sweet and Zeba’s feelings ping-ponging between responses to Baji and Niyaz’s dispositions. Uff !!


Today’s scene was vastly improved than the past ones. Quick paced and I preferred Sajal Ali and Faysal Qureshi’s acting. Sajal Ali looked lovely in this scene. I could have managed without Master Sb’s scenes however. One week from now’s promo appeared somewhat deceptive to me where Mushq appears to have acknowledged joyfully that she is to live with Dabbu and is grinning in several scenes. Perhaps that will come later or possibly her split identity has assumed control – who knows! On the off chance that I am not mixed up, Aslam Bhai gives Dabbu one day to either toss Mushq out of his home or leave the mohalla (with Mushq I accept). Thus, this was the minute we as a whole had been sitting tight for – Mushq and Dabbu’s story to start and I will say I am not frustrated by they way it started in this scene and from the looks of the forthcoming one. Cloudy, sensational, implausible – however anticipating it!

What number of you are happy to see the turn this story has taken? Duhh, I know every one of us are! I do think about whether this is the remainder of Bebo and Orya? Would love to hear your considerations !!

Ahtasham EBI

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