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In 1975 Ptv dispatched a diversion show Neelam Ghar which was led by Tariq Aziz.It honored prizes (supported by business organizations) based upon answers to general learning questions,poetry rivalries and similarity between recently weds.It additionally emphasized meetings of showbiz personalities,songs and different portions however it was essentially known for its prizes based upon general information questions.The show ran effectively for some years,ended then started again in 2006 by another name of Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz but not as mainstream as it used to be.

In the meantime,private TV Channels additionally concocted a comparable idea honoring prizes supported by business organizations in their Special Ramazan live transmissions.These prizes were recompensed in light of religious knowledge,hamds and naats etc.One channel began it and different channels got up to speed the pattern like wild fire.Soon each channel had its own particular Ramazan Transmission having rich sets,Iftari plans and loads of prizes.It soon transformed into an evaluations diversion with projects offering a live transformation of a Christian to a Muslim to welcoming a vocalist on the show and offending him and so on.

Seeing the ubiquity of these projects and the appraisals they got Geo chose to concoct its own particular amusement show Inaam Ghar facilitated by Amer Liaquat Hussain.This show which began in January 2014 does not test the information of its participants.It depends on modest recreations like eating most extreme number of noodles in least conceivable time,cycling with your wives sitting behind you,juggling balls and what not.It additionally gives prizes for the individuals who have a mirror in their purse,who are wearing a nose pin etc.The show is colossally well known evaluations savvy.

Seeing its prevalence on evaluations diagram ARY propelled its own amusement show Jeeto Pakistan in May 2014.It’s facilitated by Fahad Mustafa is on comparable lines and doles out prizes like bikes,cell phones,TV Sets,gift hampers and so forth based to victors of insignificant recreations and those having trivial things in their handbags/wallets/offspring of particular age/recently marry and so on.

Of late Hum TV has additionally dispatched its diversion show Jeet Ka Dum having Faisal Qureshi as host and now Samaa is thinking of a show Jeet ka Samaa to be led by Sahir Lodhi.

What these shows are basically doing are presenting a society of income sans work wherein you simply need to do some trivial errand and effortlessly leave with a phone phone,tv or a blessing hamper.In a general public loaded with people effectively searching for short cuts,this is a truly disturbing pattern and needs to be disheartened.

Besides these shows are harming the honesty of its participants.Seemingly taught and modern individuals are seen swallowing down gol guppay,noodles or fiery stuff or weight uncles conveying just as substantial weight close relatives on bicycles just to get a prize.It looks past their dignity.The members look ludicrous to the viewers and possibly to themselves however hey they get something!

I don’t have anything against the hosts of any of these shows nor am I against anybody winning a prize.By all methods yet wouldn’t it be able to be finished by reenacting the intelligent person/innovative cells of the participants.It would offer ascent to a vastly improved society.Even in the event that it can’t be done,the level of ludicrousness of the amusements/undertakings ought to be lessened and prizes shouldn’t be recompensed in light of an infant wearing pink,someone having a mouth freshner in purse,someone recently marry and so forth.

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