Periscope Is Twitter’s Latest Live Video Streaming App

Periscope Is Twitter's Latest Live Video Streaming App

With the sudden ascent of Meerkat, it is pass that live feature spilling is getting to be progressively mainstream.

Twitter has now bounced into the amusement with its own particular live spilling application called Periscope. Twitter gained the application a few weeks back when it blocked Meerkat from its informal community. After a tiny bit if tweaking Periscope is currently prepared to convey the Twitter mark.

Periscope is anything but difficult to utilize and the application recommends the individuals you take after on twitter when the application is initially dispatched. The application has an exceptionally oversimplified interface, with the fundamental page demonstrating a few features that are as of now being gushed. A client who is gushing can get likes, fit as a fiddle of hearts, continuously.

An included point of interest over Meerkat is the capacity to view filed features hours after they have been gushed in precisely the same route as they were being seen the first run through. Kayvon Beykpour, Periscope’s fellow benefactor, says the thought behind this is deliberate. “We attempt to reproduce the experience of having viewed it live however much as could reasonably be expected,” he says.

Periscope Is Twitter's Latest Live Video Streaming App 1

Like Meerkat, the clients get warnings when somebody they take after begins a show. In the event that its not to somebody’s taste they can kill these notices. Remarks and preferences both can be seen continuously by the telecaster and the viewers.

Another fascinating highlight is that Periscope gives you a chance to telecast secretly rather than just to an open gathering of people. Telecaster can welcome individuals they need to show to, which Beykpour says is useful for offering private minutes.

Likewise, not at all like Meerkat, which auto posts rather unpleasant “|LIVE NOW|” tweets at whatever point somebody is livestreaming on the administration, Periscope has the alternative to kill these tweets. Twitter clients will be able to tweet a connection to their show in the event that they wish to do as such. Viewers can then watch the stream on the application or on the web.


Periscope is presently accessible to iOS clients and Twitter has affirmed that an Android application is in progress yet no time span has been said for the discharge.

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