Teen bahadur A review

Two weeks back I had an opportunity to watch ‘High schooler Bahadur’ Pakistan’s initially vivified motion picture. I was uneasy at first. I didn’t know whether the film will experience its buildup. I’m happy to see it did. Teenager Bahadur is situated in a remote settlement called ‘Roshan basti’. The town is a desert garden of joy and is intended to speak to the old Pakistan. The town’s charming life is smashed when an insignificant cheat Mangu makes a Faustian manage the evil Baba Balaam who endows him with a key that should be the wellspring of all insidious on the planet. Mangu persuasively assumes control over the town, gets rid of a man who halted him before( The father of one of our three legends Saadi). The town then dives into hopelessness and dimness and is presently known as Andher nagri.

Teen bahadur A review

What makes this motion picture worth viewing is the way it reflects genuine living. Andher nagri/Roshan basti is clearly Karachi. The motion picture makes shrouded references to the rot and debasement in urban life from neighborhood hooligans who hassle individuals for cash to the illicit water tanker business. The creation and heading group merit a round of adulation for handling such delicate issues with such development. Another included joy was the utilization of modest Urdu.

Teen bahadur A review
The film fundamentally takes after the tale of three children Saadi, Amna and kamil who join together after a progression of treacheries they have endured because of Mangu and his goons and are helped in this try by a man called Deenu who helps and aides them in this battle. I won’t dole out the film’s plot yet I can guarantee every one of my perusers that the motion picture is completely agreeable and splendidly shot.

Teen bahadur A review

Grown-ups and kids alike will like it. I give Teen Bahadur a positioning of 4 out of 5. A spin-off is made arrangements for the motion picture which will be discharged in 2016. So everybody please watch this motion picture. Take your children and more youthful kin it will be a joy and a flawless present for their mid year get-aways.

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